Othello at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

A Level Drama Trip

As part of our commitment to offer the very best of cultural experiences for our students, the A Level Drama group were given the opportunity to see a live performance of Othello at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on the Southbank, London. 

This was an acclaimed production hailed by the critics and featuring one of our greatest actors, Mark Rylance. For many of the students this was their first visit to this unique theatre; they were captivated and enthralled by this outstanding production.

Students commented:

"For she had eyes, and chose me"

"Othello at the Globe Theatre was one of the best live shows we have ever seen.  Not only was it beneficial for both Drama and English, it was also such an amazing experience." 

"We stood 3 feet from the stage, allowing us to see all the intricate details the actors put into their performances.  The rain stayed away for most of the performance apart from a little shower."