The search for Mr Godwinson

On Saturday 3rd December, dance students from Ark 6th Form East Sussex and Ark Helenswood helped to bring St Marys in the Castle alive in the search for Mr Godwinson.

The humorous script and original score written by composer/ artist Haydn Cornner told the story of power, gender and love and included animation, film, electronic music, poetry, dance, drama, socks and string!

Choreographer, Elaine Vanner, Head of Dance at Ark Helenswood Academy formed The Swan Neck Dance Company with talented A Level and GCSE dancers from Ark 6th Form and Ark Helenswood in September 2016 - this was their premiere showcase.

Elaine collaborated with Haydn director of the electronic band The Pluto Flower Arranging Society to create an amazing multi-media extravaganza.

The Swan Necks also starred in the Battle of Hastings film produced by Matt Herriot.

Members of the Swan Neck Dance Company said it was an amazing experience to work alongside live musicians in such an atmospheric venue.

The audience were treated to the humorous dialogue of King William played by Niall Whitehead (Teacher at Ark 6th Form and Ark Helenswood) and Rachel Lowden who played Harolds mother. Other actors in the piece included Nick Beetham and Bear Lucas.

The evening closed with a beautiful duet written by Henry Bristow on violin accompanied by classically trained Rebecca Emery on oboe.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at St Marys in the Castle who aided in the smooth running of the production.