Our mission is to prepare our students for university and for them to become leaders in their communities. Our aim is for Globe Academy to become a beacon of excellence in education. To help us achieve our aim we work closely with our families to ensure that all our students are committed to learning and develop the character necessary to take advantage of the opportunities provided.

We are an all-through school so that children joining us at four or five can spend their whole school career with us developing relationships and links that will stay with them beyond their time at Globe Academy. We offer our students a first-class education, based on high quality teaching and the principle that no child will be left behind. We pursue the highest standards in every aspect of the education we provide. We are driven by the desire to meet the needs of every student. To that end, we run the academy as a series of small schools; Tronador for primary pupils, Elbrus and McKinley for ages 11 – 14, Kilimanjaro for ages 14 – 16 and our sixth form, Everest. Smaller schools ensure that we know every pupil, they each know their teachers and learning leaders well and that their needs are fully supported.

Globe Academy specialises in mathematics and the performing arts and we strive to make both subjects centres of excellence. ARK Schools’ innovative Maths Mastery programme helps ensure that our pupils gain a firm understanding of mathematical concepts as early as possible. Our students enjoy the academic and practical aspects of the performing arts, with all ages taking part in spectacular drama, dance and music productions.

As part of the ARK Schools network, we have access to outstanding educational resources and expertise to help provide exceptional opportunities for our pupils. In September 2010 we moved into our stunning new school. Our historic 1960s Pentagon has been transformed into a modern performing arts space and the academy enjoys excellent modern classrooms, laboratories, workshops and studios and a full-sized sports hall.

Globe Academy is a happy school. We maintain high standards of courtesy, respect and discipline and our pupils wear their academy uniform with pride.

Matt Jones