How can Ark 6th Form East Sussex take you further?

We are an open access sixth form, so we do not give priority to students based on their school. Students that apply will need to meet the criteria for the admission requirements for each course.

Students wishing to gain entry into sixth form must achieve, as a minimum, a level 4 in both Maths and English alongside three other good GSCE passes. For certain subjects specific entry requirements may apply.

We welcome applications and admissions from all students.

Applications for Ark 6th Form East Sussex are now open - find out what makes us different and how we helped students Alfie and Lara go further at university and in their careers.

What makes Ark 6th Form East Sussex different

Ark 6th Form has a reputation for delivering excellent outcomes for Hastings. Over a number of years our students have successfully moved from our sixth form to top universities including Oxbridge and the Russell Group. Ark 6th Form offers excellent teaching in traditional academic subjects - as well as innovative vocational programmes like Business, Health and Social Care or our Sports Award - within a small, personalised community. Each of your teachers will know you, your talents and ambitions personally - and work to give you the best outcome.

Ark 6th Form has a powerful ethos and creates an environment in which our students are encouraged to participate and to display a high level of:

  • Intellectual curiosity.
  • Passion for their chosen subjects.
  • Desire to contribute to the wider community.
  • Ambition to achieve the qualifications to on to university or their chosen career.

To find out more, read our prospectus here.

Past Success

Russell - studying Physics at Oxford University

From an early age, Russell has known he wanted to pursue a career in physics. He said, “I enjoyed maths when I was growing up; you would come up with equations, but you couldn’t really conceive what they meant - physics is a way to input that into the real world.”  

At Ark 6th Form East Sussex, Russell has been able to explore his interest and show his impressive academic aptitude. He studied physics, chemistry, maths and further maths, as well as further additional maths - which he has completed in a single year, rather than the normal two.  

Russell is already looking forward to his career after university and the great opportunities a degree in physics from a top university will open up. He says, “I’d like to do a PhD, and then perhaps go into lecturing or make documentaries about physics.”

Awarded the Marshall Wace Bursary from Ark, to help with his expenses.


Zoe - studying Dentistry at King’s College London

Zoe puts her drive to work in healthcare down to a trip to the dentist, “In Year 10, I went to the dentist after my dad accidentally chipped my tooth and I was so impressed by the way my dentist responded to the situation. I was hysterical and he calmed me down, in such a professional way.”

This event kick-started Zoe’s desire to find out more about dentistry and led to her gaining work experience in general dental practices.

Zoe says her teachers’ support during her university application made a huge difference; she said, “My science teachers have been encouraging from day one. They arranged for me to speak to previous Ark 6th Form East Sussex students, who have gone on to degrees in healthcare, which gave me an insight into what the degree would be like. Without that, I don’t think I would have been as confident in my decision.”


Jiakun - Studying Medicine at Imperial College London

Jiakun joined Ark William Parker in 2012 and went on to do A Levels at Ark 6th Form East Sussex.  

Jiakun said, “Our teachers inspired us with their passion and enthusiasm, they gave me all the knowledge and moral support, I didn’t just learn what kind of subject I wanted to do, but also what type of person I want to be in life.

“With the help from Ark and my teachers, I was able to complete my Gold CREST Award, the Nuffield Research Programme and some work experience at the Conquest Hospital, which were very important for my UCAS application. I did not expect teachers to be so supportive, patient and responsive. I am so glad that I chose Ark 6th Form East Sussex.”

Awarded a Marshall Wace Bursary from Ark, to help with his expenses.


Alfie Deness - studying History at Cambridge University

Former Ark 6th Form East Sussex student Alfie Deness left Hastings for a place at Cambridge University studying History.

Alfie says it was Ark 6th Form East Sussex which gave him the tools he needed to go to one of the world's leading universities: "Ark 6th Form East Sussex really helped with my application, mentored me on the applying to Cambridge and held mock interviews to give me practice for the admissions interview."

Alfie, who was a student at William Parker before joining Ark 6th Form East Sussex, says that it wasn't just academic support he received at the 6th Form; as a student at an Ark school, Alfie was eligible for the Reuben Scholarship. Each year, the Reuben Scholarship Programme helps talented Ark students headed for top universities, who might not otherwise be able to afford higher education, with expenses like accommodation and subsistence.

Alfie says: “This will be the first time I’ll be living independently and having the bursary means that I’ll be able to get back to Hastings to visit my family. I won’t have to get a part-time job to fund my studies, so I’ve got a much better chance of getting the degree I’m capable of.”


Lara McNeill - studying Medicine at Kings College London

Former Ark 6th Form East Sussex student Lara McNeill is now studying Medicine at Kings College London. Lara came to Ark 6th Form East Sussex to study for her A levels, having previously been a student at Claverham College in Battle: “Claverham didn’t have a sixth form, so I had to look elsewhere for my A levels.

“I chose Ark because it’s a small sixth form, the teachers really impressed me and it was really clear that they know all of the students individually. If I’d gone to a larger sixth form or college, I might not have had that individual attention.