Ark 6th Form East Sussex students celebrate A level results

Students achieved 47% A*-B, 76% A*-C grades and 98% pass rate

Students from Ark 6th Form East Sussex received strong A-level results, with students receiving offers from top universities including Oxford, Imperial, Kings and York. 

In Hastings 47% students achieved A*-B, 76% achieved A*-C grades and 98% pass rate at Ark 6th Form East Sussex. 

Lucy Monk, Joint Principal said: 

“These results reflect the hard work of both students and staff in the last year. We are extremely proud of their efforts with nearly 80% of our students accepting places at their first choice university. One of our top performers is Russell Reid who secured 4 A*s and an A grade and will be taking up a place at the University of Oxford to study physics. 

Student success stories 

Russell Reid is heading to Oxford University to study physics

“I’m feeling pretty good and over the moon with my results”. 

From an early age, Russell has known he wanted to pursue the subject. He says: “I enjoyed maths when I was growing up and you would come up with equations, but you couldn’t really conceive what they meant easily – physics is a way to input that into the real-world.

At Ark 6th Form East Sussex, Russell has been able to explore his interest and show his impressive academic aptitude. He studied Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths, as well as Further Additional Maths – which he has completed in a single year, rather than the normal two. 

In pursuits outside of school, Russell has also achieved success: “I ran the Hastings half marathon last year, which was really rewarding. I played rugby for Hastings and Bexhill Rugby Club, which is something I want to pick up again at university, and maybe join a comedy club too. I think you’ve just got to try lots of different things.” 

Russell is already looking forward to his career after university and the great opportunities a degree in Physics from a top university will open up. He says: “I’d quite like to do a PhD, and then perhaps go into lecturing or make documentaries about physics”. 

Zoe Buontempo – fluke dental emergency would set her on her future career path 

On opening her results, Zoe’s face lit up with happiness: “I’m so happy; I’m over the moon; all my hard work has paid off; I got exactly what I need to get into Kings; I couldn’t ask for more.” 

Zoe puts her drive to work in healthcare down to a trip to the dentists: “In year 10, I went to the dentist after my dad accidentally chipped my tooth and I was impressed by the way my dentist responded to the situation. I was hysterical and he calmed me down, in such a professional way. 

“When you’re in the chair and thinking you’re going to look like a pirate for the rest of your life, being able to trust someone to treat you is tough. I think people underestimate how valuable dentists are – usually when you need the help of a dentist you need it urgently and you can be in a lot of pain. I realised I want to help people like my dentist helped me and generate the same kind of trust. This kick-started my desire to find out more about dentistry.” 

Now, Zoe is set to fulfil her aspiration by studying dentistry at Kings College London – becoming the first member of her family to go to university. She says: “I don’t believe in fate or anything like that, but I don’t know if I would have come to the same conclusion about what path to follow if that hadn’t happened.” 

Zoe undertook work experience to follow up her interest: “I worked in general dental practices, which I enjoyed. I also had the chance to go to Brighton and Sussex University Hospital. I got to see how much pride and dedication dentists took in their work. 

“I’m a perfectionist, I like things to be done to a high standard. To see that the dentists really took the time to understand the patients’ concerns reinforced the whole reason why I want to be a dentist, I want to be able to help people to the best of my ability.” 

Zoe cannot even wait until she’s finished her degree to start helping people. She plans on participating in outreach schemes while at university: “I’m keen to do an outreach programme, going to schools to promote effective dental hygiene in an accessible way. I think it’s important to get in there early and educate children before they develop bad habits. A lot of parents don’t know how to effectively care for their kids’ teeth.” 

Tyler Melish – secures one of five places to study veterinary medicine 

“I’m buzzing; I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life. I did better than I expected and I’m looking forward to celebrating with my friends, who have all done really well.” Tyler continued, “My teachers were great and couldn’t have done any more to help.” 

For one Ark 6th Form East Sussex student, a passion for helping animals together with hard work and dedicated support from his teachers has meant securing one of just five places on an ultra-competitive Veterinary Medicine degree. 

It is a big achievement for Tyler, who never considered veterinary medicine was possible for him: “I know veterinary courses are really competitive. It was quite scary applying, especially considering how many of the people I met on my interview were private-school educated. I worried I wouldn’t be the same standard as the other people there. Getting the offer has really boosted my confidence.” 

The offer is an accomplishment for Tyler in other ways. He is proud to be the first member of his family to go to university: “My parents didn’t go to university, but I’ve loved being in education and want to keep with it for as long as possible. It’s kind of exciting being the first to go in my family.” 


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