A group of students from ARK 6th Form East Sussex, have recently returned from a ten day trip to Uganda. Through the Quicken Trust charity the 26 students and staff were volunteering to support the village of Kabubbu. Whilst there, they took part in a Development Project, visited families, assessing their needs and providing the most basic of essentials for survival e.g. mosquito nets, bedding, water butts, agricultural tools and seeds etc. They also taught classes in the Primary and Secondary Schools, led assemblies, and provided desperately needed teaching resources. Some students gained valuable experience helping in the village’s medical centre, working with two doctors from Hastings who travelled with the group, Dr Rana Suliman and Dr Naseem Saheecha.  In addition, the group also built a brick kiosk to enable villagers to sell snacks, developing enterprise opportunities. They also contributed to the Graze Agricultural project, developing farming within the village. 

As well as helping and working with the residents of Kabubbu, the trip gave the students the opportunity to learn about global issues first hand. Students developed skills in cultural awareness, communication, leadership, and teamwork, whilst building a close partnership with a local community in Africa.  Working in Kabubbu is extremely challenging, physically, mentally and emotionally. Will Starr, Year 12, stated, ‘I’d heard that this trip is a once in a lifetime experience, but after going to Kabubbu for the first time and seeing the difference that can be made, it is definitely something that I would love to do again. I enjoyed every minute of it and the fantastic group of students and adults I went with made the trip complete. Being in Uganda for just 10 days, really made me appreciate what I have here in the UK and I hope that I can continue to support the little village of Kabubbu.’

Teacher Susan Warren said, ‘We are so grateful to the many local organisations and individuals who supported us, particularly to 247247 taxi company who generously sponsored our transport to and from Heathrow, and to everyone at ARK William Parker Academy, Helenswood Academy, the Lions Club, Hastings Youth Council, Tesco, Marks and Spencer, and all of the people of Hastings and St Leonards who donated at our many fundraising events. Without them all, our work in Uganda would not have been possible.’ 

More details about the work of the Quicken Trust in Kabubbu can be found on their website www.quickentrust.com