A 22 hour trek from Hastings to Austria

Students from Hastings school go skiing in Austria

There were high spirits on an arduous 22 hour trek through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria. The journey was made by forty-one excited students, along with their teachers, from Ark 6th Form, Ark William Parker and Helenswood Academies. They were visiting the picturesque slopes of Alpendorf in Austria, for their 2015 ski trip.

After a day of rest, the students emerged refreshed and ready for their first day of skiing. The advanced skiers found the first day much easier than Mr Lyons, a novice, who fell several (at least 10) times on the first morning; thankfully he picked it up as the day went on.  Mr. Morgans struggled with a snow plough and caused one or two crashes; not the only ones that happened that week. 

Congratulations to Tom Climpson who ended the week as the 2nd fastest beginner of the entire ski school.  

The snowboarders, led by Year 12 Arash Khallagi and James Blything proudly announced their victory in the end of week freestyle, but were brought back down to earth with 2nd and 3rd at the awards presentation. A great team effort which also included Tom Powell, Charlie Bruton and Matt Hough.

Much fun and camaraderie ensued throughout the week.  The boys beat the girls at bowling, but were no match for the teachers, of course!  In the heated outdoor swimming pool everyone took advantage of the chance to have a swim; nothing was lost by anyone, except for one year 10 student who managed to lose a whole locker! 

Everybody who attended was a credit to the academy and their families and a thoroughly enjoyable trip was had by all. The Austria Ski trip remains one of the best weeks in the school calendar and this week was no exception.