Waffles at Walworth

Hastings, sixth form, waffles, Walworth, school

The annual trip of  Year 12 sociology students to Walworth Academy in London turned out to be not just an exercise in understanding the different learning environments that students from different parts of the country are exposed to, but also a gastronomic delight!

Sixth form sociologists were warmly welcomed by the Walworth Year 12s and their Head of  Year Ms Bullent. There then followed a bingo game with a twist, which resulted in lots of movement round the room and lots of laughs.

The sociologists then got down to the serious business of conducting the second part of the research project that had been initiated in Hastings. The groups were researching the hypothesis that the influence of the community and family can have a big impact on young people’s aspirations.

Research complete, Ark sixth form students were provided with a tour of Walworth Academy and lunch before embarking on a walking tour of the local area, culminating in waffles and ice cream at a local ice-cream parlour near East Street Market. Replete with copious quantities of chocolate, strawberries and M&Ms, all served on top of the largest waffles ever seen, we all walked back through Burgess Park to get our coach home.

A great day, and we look forward to hosting Walworth students in Hastings, in July, for fun, frolics and fish and chips on the beach!