Generous bursaries worth thousands of pounds are available to students

In 2015/16 over £60,000 was pledged to Ark 6th Form East Sussex students from a variety of backgrounds to help with the costs of their higher education

We understand that university is an expensive decision to make. We don’t want you to be put off applying to university because of the cost. We are delighted that we can offer you the chance to apply for a range of bursaries and scholarships which will help support you at university.

Ark has a number of university bursaries for our year 13 leavers going onto higher education, ranging from £3,000 for the first year only, to £30,000 across the length of the course, to help with the financial costs of university. The bursaries are awarded to high-achieving year 13 students who have made a positive contribution to their school and community. Past recipients of the bursaries have conveyed that the extra financial support has transformed their university experience.

Talk to one of our teachers to find out more and how to apply.

Students Elizabeth White, Rebecca Wickham, Thomas Hitchings received bursaries from the Driver Youth Trust last year. Here’s what they have to say…

I have loved my course and really enjoyed all of the work I have completed. I feel really proud of myself for getting this far and I want to continue to improve over the next two years. 

I couldn’t thank the bursary donors enough for the support the bursary has given me. It has relieved a lot of the pressure that first year students come to face, with not only juggling moving away and starting higher education but also having to learn how to budget in order to get through.  Elizabeth White, Creative and Media Writing, Portsmouth

As we enter the third and final term, I can safely say I’m happily settled in and have made many lifelong friends. My bursary helped me find accommodation for next year, as I needed to pay a lump sum for the deposit. Overall, the bursary has reduced my stress levels, as I do not have to worry as much, and I believe that has improved my university experience as a whole. Rebecca Wickham, Criminology and Sociology, Kent

The financial stability lifted a burden allowing me to really focus on my studies and I’m pleased to report that I have achieved a first class degree in all of the modules I have completed to date. I highly doubt this would have been possible without the bursary as the funds were key in accessing support and resources, purchasing text books and purchasing software. My teachers and the bursary donors have played a fundamental role in opening doors and helping me to obtain the best possible future.

Thomas Hitchings, Chemistry, Kent


£1000 of awards for ARK William Parker students

Ten Year 12 students recently received some well deserved recognition; they were each presented with £100 worth of tokens for their outstanding achievements. Some were honoured for their excellent personal GCSE results, others for their community work and others still for their ability to succeed, regardless of the obstacles that they had to overcome in order to do so.

The students received their awards from Ark, a charitable organisation that is the sponsor of ArkWilliam Parker Academy, which aims to support students and enhance their life chances.

Ethan Barnes said, “I’m happy that everyone got recognition for their hard work.”

Callum Thorpe said, “I worked really hard to make my grades, so I could get into 6th Form, and I’m really grateful that I was noticed for all the work that I’ve put in. This is a great contribution; I will spend it wisely and make it last.”

Harry Stevens said, “I’m so happy and overwhelmed that I’ve been recognised for my hard work in Year 11.”